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Met de titel ‘People want solutions, not physical products: rise of the subscription model’ citeerde Lucy Purdy onze oprichter Marcel Peters in een artikel over de opkomst van abonnementen en de duurzame impact van deze modellen.

Naast het interview met Marcel Peters wordt onderzoek van The Ellen MacArthur Foundation en McKinsey gebruikt. Naast Bundles worden cases over abonnementen op spleegoed (Pley – Verenigde Staten, keukenapparatuur (Eurecook – Frankrijk) en meubilair (RentoMojo – India).


Een korte passage uit het interview

“Customers want solutions for their problems rather than physical products,” he says. “Therefore an increasing number are prioritising experience and performance over possession. With our model, customers experience lower levels of hassle and higher satisfaction.”

So how could these sorts of models nudge modern life toward sustainability?

“The current model generates an increasing amount of waste,” says Peters. “Low-quality products have low levels of reusability, causing material depletion. Detergents, water and energy also cause waste.”

A system change towards a circular economy Peters believes, could result in more high-quality, restorative and regenerative design. Products would be increasingly built to last and supply chains optimised. Component suppliers may be able to escape from the “race to the bottom” business model they’re in while also complying with environmental regulations, he adds.

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